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Trust Sukh Law to be your steadfast partner in real estate transactions. Our expert guidance and clear, actionable advice reduce your stress and ensure you feel confident and supported at every step.

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Strategic Legal Planning to Secure Your Property

Our strategic legal planning ensures your real estate transactions are secure and seamless, providing expert advice to navigate property law complexities.


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Sukh Law delivers quick, responsive legal services, ensuring your real estate matters are handled promptly and professionally without compromising quality.


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We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results, helping you achieve your real estate goals through strategic advice and personalized service.

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Discover your closing costs using our interactive closing costs calculator when buying, selling or refinancing residential property In Ontario.

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What is the process of buying a home in Ontario?

The process includes getting pre-approved for a mortgage, finding a home, making an offer, conducting a home inspection, finalizing the mortgage, and closing the sale.

Is a lawyer required to purchase or sell a property?

Yes, a lawyer is required in Ontario.

What is the role of a real estate lawyer in a home purchase?

A real estate lawyer ensures that the property title is clear, handles the transfer of funds, reviews the purchase agreement, and ensures all legal requirements are met during the transaction.

How do I hire Sukh Law?

Email us or call us. Easiest for you would be to use our interactive closing costs calculator on our website which will instantly provide you with your custom estimated closing costs and next steps to hire us and get the ball rolling.

What costs are involved in buying a home besides the purchase price?

Additional costs include legal fees, land transfer tax, home inspection fees, title insurance, and closing costs.

What is title insurance and why is it important?

Title insurance protects the buyer against any defects or issues with the property’s title, such as unpaid taxes or fraudulent claims, ensuring peace of mind.

Real Estate Services

Explore the broad range of legal services that Sukh Law offers to our real estate clients.

Buying Property

Ensure a secure and efficient property purchase with our dedicated legal expertise in both residential and commercial markets.

Condominium Status Certificate Review

Gain peace of mind with our thorough review of condominium status certificates, clarifying your rights and responsibilities.


Expertly manage the transfer of property rights with our assignment services, from contract to closing.


Optimize your financial strategy through our comprehensive refinancing legal services, ensuring clear terms and a secure transaction.

Pre-construction Terms Negotiation

Shape the success of your pre-construction projects with our strategic negotiation of terms, tailored to meet your objectives.

Selling Property

Maximize your returns and streamline the selling process with our skilled legal representation in residential and commercial property sales.

Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS) Review

We meticulously review your APS to protect your interests and ensure a smooth transaction.

Commercial Leasing

Secure your commercial leasing endeavors with our specialized legal support, tailored to safeguard your investment.

Power of Sale & Foreclosure

Navigate the complexities of power of sale and foreclosure processes with confidence, backed by our legal expertise.

Independent Legal Advice (ILA)

Ensure that your legal decisions are informed, sound, and personalized to your circumstances with our ILA services.

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"I received excellent guidance on my sale closing and truly felt like my best interests were prioritized every step of the way."

Sophia Thompson

"Their team handled our commercial property purchase seemlessly, making what could have been a complex process smooth and stress-free."

Miles Richardson

"The advice I got on refinancing my property was incredibly clear and helpful. I couldn't have navigated it without Sukhman."

Elijah Martin


Let Us Help You Protect Your Real Estate Assets

Trust our experience to safeguard your real estate assets with strategic advice and robust legal protection.

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Legal Resources and News

Discover real estate insights and tips from a legal expert.

Top 10 Legal Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

Top 10 Legal Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

Buying your first home in Ontario is an exciting yet daunting journey. As a real estate lawyer, I’ve seen firsthand how navigating the legal intricacies can make or break this significant investment. Here are my top ten essential legal tips for first-time homebuyers in Ontario to ensure a smooth and successful home-buying experience.

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Why Legal Proceedings Should Be Your Last Option

When disputes arise, the knee-jerk reaction might be to rush to court and let a judge decide. However, initiating legal proceedings should be the last resort due to several critical factors that can make the process more burdensome than beneficial. As a business and real estate lawyer in Ontario, I’ve seen firsthand the myriad complications and costs associated with litigation. Here’s why you should think twice before heading to court.

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Understanding the New Home HST Rebate in Ontario

When navigating the complexities of purchasing a new home in Ontario, understanding the nuances of the New Home HST Rebate can provide significant financial benefits. This rebate system, designed to alleviate some of the tax burdens for homebuyers, can be intricate, with various eligibility criteria and application processes that need careful consideration.

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Post-Closing Issues in Real Estate Transactions

Understanding the complexities of real estate transactions doesn’t end at closing. In fact, issues that arise post-closing can be particularly challenging for new homeowners. As a seasoned real estate lawyer in Ontario, I’ve encountered numerous cases where clients face unexpected problems with their new properties, from malfunctioning appliances to undisclosed damages.

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